Our Work

Our regional and global projects, led by U.S.-based university researchers, find solutions to pest management problems for farmers worldwide. They train the next generation of IPM scientists in the developing world and rely on partnerships, innovation, and gender awareness to be effective.

Projects – We focus efforts in areas that provide the most return on investment. Our six regional projects address geographically limited areas with specific pest management needs in key crops. Our five global projects involve a problem that is similar everywhere or is method- or service-based, allowing us to address a series of issues more efficiently.

Capacity Building – We train the next generation of scientists and researchers and educate farmers, extension agents, and policymakers in IPM methods worldwide.

Gender – The IPM IL is committed to ensuring that priority pest management problems are decided with consideration of gender issues. Increasing gender equity goes hand-in-hand with our projects.

Partnerships – Collaborations with universities, institutions, NGOs, and private enterprises help us reach more farmers with sustainable and economical pest control methods.

Innovation – Integrated pest management is a constantly evolving set of pest control methods that rely on science for innovation and solutions.