E-Newsletter Archive

The IPM Innovation Lab sends out an electronic newsletter every Fall and Spring. Here is a list of newsletters, with links to the archives that list the individual stories from each newsletter.

Winter 2017 Newsletter: We take you to Nepal to experience our three-day international biodiversity and climate change conference, share our biocontrol work on millet in Niger, and sum up 20 years of IPM in one book. View the stories >

Fall 2016 Newsletter: We share a video of our Trichoderma workshop in Cambodia, give highlights from our annual meetings, and talk about the spread of Tuta absoluta in Bangladesh and Nepal. View the stories >

Summer 2016 Newsletter: We talk Parthenium with Wondi Mersie, have a Q&A with Nigerien student Laouali Amadou, look at recent highlights and what’s coming up, and Director Muni Muniappan muses about the impact of our projects in the countries where we work. View the stories >

Spring 2016 Newsletter: “Muni’s Musings” returns as a regular feature; this month’s PI Profile is on George Norton; plus project updates, recent highlights, headlines of interest, and a look ahead. View the stories >

Fall 2015 Newsletter: Musings from our Director, Dr. Muniappan; a profile of Nir Krakauer, PI for a sub award of the IPM Innovation Lab; project updates, recent highlights, and “the buzz,” plus a Q&A with student Vanessa Carrion, whose PhD work was supported by this program. View the stories >

Do you have an exciting story that’s directly related to the work of the IPM Innovation Lab? Contact us! We will consider it for inclusion in future newsletters or news stories.